Mark Ryan

Director of Brighton and Hove tennis
B.A of E Grade 2 coach

S.R.A part 2 coach

L.T.A level 3 coach

Over thirty years of coaching experience Played Tennis, Squash and Badminton for Sussex
Managed Coral Squash and Badminton Club for 8 years
Captain of the Heineken International Squash Tournament winning side 1986
Coached Tennis in Germany,Spain,Portugal at performance level
Director of Ryan coaching



Paul Diggens

Director of Brighton and Hove Tennis
Full  level  5  Licensed  L.T.A.  Tennis  Professional

Dipl  in  P.E.  at  St.  Luke’s  College,  Exeter.

Full  S.R.A. 

Junior  career  included  winning  U 18  & U 21  Sussex  County  Titles.

Reached  Junior  Wimbledon  Qtr  Finals.

Finalist  in  Sussex  County  Men’s  Championship.

Played  5  consecutive  years  for  Sussex  County  Men  at  County  Week. Squash  Rackets  Professional.

Coach to Jeremy Dier and Debbie Stewart who won the Boys and Girls National U18 Grass Court Championships on the same day at Devonshire Park Eastbourne.

Also  coach to Julie Pullen,  former  British  No.  1  Woman Player. Head  Coach  of Diggens  Tennis  Academy.